Ekaterina "Katja" Kurae:by: Ui Miyazaki (drama CD), Aya Hirano (anime)[2]

Reeling from a particularly harsh riposte from Sasha as he again rejects her overtures, Miyuri drags Hana along in her scheme to wield the newly-arrived Ekaterina as a means of restoring social homeostasis with Mafuyu unaware that Ekaterina is merely being an authentic actress to secure herself a readily available supply of soma to fuel her copper-based powers as a Qwaser that are usually manifested through her extremely versatile gynoid guardian Anastasia that has the capability to channel electricity, concurrently constrain multiple assailants, manhandle adversaries physiologically impossible for a human being, and create copper objects from scratch. When not constricting and cleaving apart her adversaries, the ten-year-old Russian-born Ekaterina devotes her energies to visiting unto her Maria Magdalen partner Hana Katsuragi several BDSM activities along with the age-appropriate activities expected of young kids. Perhaps because of the following she has in the student body of the St. Mihailov Elementary School of being their queen due to her doll-like features and childish demeanor, Ekaterina has also taken to attempting to subjugate her fellow comrade-in-arms Sasha who she almost defeated when the two Qwasers first met. One interesting fact about Ekaterina is that she is often hinted to have deep connections with the late Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and his family, the last monarch of Russia, and in fact, it was hinted briefly that she herself could be related to the imperial princess Anastasia and Tsar's wife, Tsarita Alexandra Feodorovna, or that she could in fact be the late Tsarita herself. It is yet unknown if these fact are truth, or mere similarities.